Harmony in Relationships

Updated: Aug 6

Creating and maintaining a peaceful marriage is doable! Here are 5 of our therapist recommended tips for a more peaceful household.

1. Take Ownership

Peace is more achievable when you admit you messed up. Taking responsibility for your own part in the situation is an important step to diffusing the tension.

2. "But"-out.

Saying "but" is a sure way to ruin an "I'm sorry" and can lead to re-escalation. Leave that out of an apology!

3. Text Less

Texting leaves things open to interpretation. If you have something important to say, whether positive or negative, say it in person.

4. Recharge Time

In every marriage, spending time together and away from everyday stressors is a must. A regular date-night or other time that is set-aside for companionship and quality conversation can build your relationship.

5. Gratitude

Make appreciation a regular part of your routine. Verbal recognition and handwritten notes are underutilized brokers of peace and happiness in any marriage.

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