First Online Therapy Session

Updated: Aug 6

Curious what the first therapy session is like? We asked our therapists to give you a sneak peek into your first session.


The first session is a lot like any first time meeting. You and your therapist will chat, you’ll learn about how your therapist can help, and your therapist will learn what brings you to therapy.

Information Gathering:

Part of starting therapy is for your therapist to get a clear picture of your strengths, supports, and challenges. Although you do some of this before that first therapy session, your therapist will likely have some follow up questions.


Your therapist will likely have questions about any past support you may have received from a therapist in the past. Your therapist will likely ask what you have tried on your own to reach your therapy goals. Answers to these questions can help your therapist learn what did and didn’t work for you in the past, and how to customize therapy for you.

Your 1st Session Goals:

You may also have some goals for your first session. Be sure to tell your therapist at the beginning so that your therapist can help you meet those goals.

Goal Setting:

One of the important goals at the start of therapy is to decide what you are working towards. With your goals in mind, you and your therapist can chart a course to help you get there.

That’s a lot to accomplish in just one session! Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 sessions to complete the elements listed here. Remember, you’re in charge of your therapy! If you feel the session is going too fast, don’t hesitate to ask your therapist to make adjustments.

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