Updated: Aug 6

Inescapable. Overwhelming. Beyond control. Now thought to be a form of anxiety, OCD is a diagnosis that describes a struggle. The struggle to not check the lock for the 17th time. The struggle to go to work and put on the act at the office. The struggle to function in relationships with parents, children, partners, friendships.

All the person suffering with OCD wants is to stop. To stop checking. To stop repeating. To stop looking. To stop doing. To stop thinking.

But stopping can seem impossible. There are so many fears, so many unknowns. If they did stop, would something bad happen? Where would they start? Is it even possible? Would they even know how to live without the repetitive behaviors that seem to control their lives and their worlds?

Some prefer just medication. Others want just therapy. Many report that OCD is best managed with a combination of medical treatment and therapy. If that is the road you prefer, know that our therapists are experienced in working with prescribers to make sure your treatments are supporting each other.

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