Updated: Aug 6

Alone. Helpless. Hopeless.

These are words often used to describe the struggle with addiction.

Drugs, alcohol, gambling, sexual addiction, etc. Whatever the addiction, the feelings are so similar. And so is the battle.

Those trying to escape from the grip of addiction report feeling isolated. Their friends and family, their social world, don't understand, and drift away. With lost friendships and distant family relationships, it's natural to feel alone.

The sense of helplessness is so common because the grip of addiction can be very powerful. Many report feeling they are helpless in the face of their addiction.

The combination of social isolation, a sense of helplessness, and disruption in everyday life, lead to a sense of hopelessness. To overcome addiction can seen like an insurmountable obstacle.

One barrier to getting help is a lack of therapists specializing in addiction. It's harder to go talk to a therapist, when feeling that the therapist won't understand.

But there is help. A qualified and experienced therapist can help explore what lead to the addictive behaviors, and develop a plan to tackle it. Our therapists have experience treating addiction and want to help you take control.

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