Addiction and Families

Updated: Aug 6

The lake is calm, serene. Then a stone hits the water, and circles form, spreading, moving further and further outward.

The addict is in the center, surrounded by an inner circle of close family. Good friends are next, then come coworkers, neighbors, etc. The rings represent relationships of various degrees of closeness to the individual struggling with addiction.

When addiction strikes, it impacts everyone, regardless of their proximity. But the greatest impact is on those at and closest to the center.

Sometimes the realization that addiction has taken hold is slow, drawn out over months or years. Personality changes, strange behaviors, new friends, missing hours days or even weeks. The signs vary slightly from person to person, and the intensity of these clues can also be different. By the time those around the addict recognize what is happening, it's too late to turn back the clock.

It is impossible to exist in one of the inner circles and not be impacted by it. Everyone near the person struggling with addiction feels pain. They feel alone. Burdened with a tremendous secret. Unable to escape the pain that is their reality. Often, they blame themselves for the stone that landed in the water, for the addiction and the impact.

In the global community, the secretive atmosphere around addiction is just beginning to lift. Information has been presented, discussions encouraged, treatment promoted. But despite all the efforts, families affected by addiction still feel alone. They still struggle to make sense of their new reality. They desperately try to develop a new sense of their place in the community, and to visualize how this news will impact themselves both now and in the future.

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