Get Drug and Alcohol Counseling During Covid-19

Updated: Aug 17

"Where can I get therapy for drug use during the pandemic?"

"Are there online groups for recovery?"

"Is there online therapy for alcohol use?"

These are important questions to ask. Covid-19 has made it harder to not use drugs and alcohol. The Coronavirus has:

1. lead to an increase in triggers

2. made it hard to cope

3. contributed to increasing relapse for drug and alcohol use.

Many treatment options for drug use have stopped or are not accessible.

Whether you are looking for help with drug use in the city or the suburbs, our therapists can help. If you are looking for help with drug or alcohol use, our therapists are waiting to support you.

If you live in New York State, our licensed mental health and substance use disorder clinicians are ready to take your call. We offer individual therapy for substance use treatment, group therapy for alcohol and drug use, and even couples and family therapy.

Don't suffer for 1 more day. Reach out to us so we can help you on your path to recovery, hope, and healing.