Depression During The Pandemic

Updated: Aug 17

Is depression is worse during the pandemic?

Sadly, it appears there may be more individuals suffering from depression; and symptoms are worsened for some at this time.

That is what we are hearing from professionals, clients, referral sources. And it's not just depression. Anxiety, relationship problems, trauma, and many other emotional issues seem much harder to deal with.

There are so many reasons why we are seeing this. One of the biggest might be because of uncertainty. The lack of certainty, the inability to say when it will "go away," or when life will go back to the way it was before, makes every part of the Coronavirus so much harder to cope with.

How can anyone cope with a HUGE problem that has an unknown resolution date? It's difficult to plan around it, to imagine the impacts, and to think about the end of the problem.

Many who were in therapy, or were thinking about going to therapy when the pandemic began, decided to wait until things improved. Whether or not life returns to pre-pandemic levels this week or this month shouldn't change or influence your decision to get support. You can get good help with depression, or other mental health problems, from a caring and qualified Today's Couch therapist.

Don't suffer another day. Reach out so you can start feeling better.