Can Online Therapy Help?

Updated: Aug 6

Before the pandemic, this question typically came from a place of curiosity. Since the Covid-19 Coronavirus spread around the world, the question of if online therapy helps has become one of necessity.

Therapy, whether in person, over the telephone, or via computer, can be very helpful. Therapists and clients agree that although remote therapy is a bit "different," it is just as supportive as in-person therapy with a qualified and experienced therapist.

Online therapy can be done for individuals, couples, and families. We also have online therapy groups!

The biggest worries clients have about online therapy are about the safety and confidentiality of remote mental health treatment. Today's Couch therapists use HIPAA compliant programs for providing therapy, for record keeping, and for all internal and external communication. Your safety and confidentiality are our #1 priority!

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