Choosing a type of therapy is an individualized process. You are the expert in your own life, and therefore you are the best person to determine which therapy option is best for you. If you're still undecided, check out these descriptions of Individual, Couples, Family Therapy, and Group Therapy.

Individual Therapy

     Our most popular service, Individual Therapy allows you to establish that connection with your therapist for one-on-one work. You are in the driver’s seat: you set the goals, you tell the therapist how you want to be helped, you decide what type of between-session work is best for you.

      Many concerns can be addressed in Individual Therapy, including some that affect couples and families. Some clients choose to start with Individual Therapy, and later transition to Couples Therapy or Family Therapy. Many of our clients decide to attend both Individual and Group Therapy. If you think you might want to start with Individual Therapy and might shift to Couples or Family Therapy, let us know so we can connect you with a therapist who is qualified in each of these modalities. 

Couples Therapy

   For couples who are married, engaged, or dating; Couples Therapy helps support you individually and as a couple. Whether you are looking for a relationship tune-up or something deeper, your Today's Couch therapist is here to help.

   Couples find therapy can help improve communication, break unhealthy patterns within the relationship, and make supportive changes in the way the couple tackles everyday challenges.

Family Therapy

   Vitally important to healing, family work allows for the creation of a safe space to work through nearly anything that affects your family. Family Therapy can help with a variety of challenges, including adjusting to changes, dealing with major stressors, and strengthening family relationships. 


   Families sometimes come for therapy to resolve family wounds, address family secrets, and to receive support as they work through changes in the family structure. Some of those changes in the family may include birth, adoption, or fostering; separation or divorce; and marriage or remarriage.


   With Family Therapy, you may begin to see improvements in communication, new and strengthened coping skills, healing, and family cohesion.

Group Therapy

   Group therapy can be a safe space to work with others towards a set of common goals. Typically structured around an organized curriculum and led by a licensed Therapist, this type of therapy can help you learn and grow fast because you learn from the others in the group, and they learn from you too.

   These modality of treatment can address many topics including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, substance use disorder, grieving, stress management, emotional regulation and other topics too. Our most popular groups are the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) group, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) group, and Mindfulness group.

   Some groups are open for new members at any time, and others only bring in new participants early on. Some of these groups are open for those who wish to join on an "as needed" basis as well. If you would like to learn more, reach out for a 15 minute consultation at no charge.