Feedback We've Received

What Our Clients Are Saying

“With Today's Couch, I don't worry about rushing through traffic or finding parking.”

Talk about awkward! No one likes to be late to an appointment, even therapists! With our completely online model, your session can take place from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are (if you have privacy and a good internet connection).

“I'm happy even when Covid-19 goes away, I won't be asked to go to the therapist office.”

We were completely online before the pandemic, and that is how we will stay. You can be assured that your Today's Couch therapist will be able to continue to support you online.

“I love the convenience – to be able to have therapy from my kitchen table, after the kids go to sleep.”

Today's Couch allows you to receive support in the comfort and convenience of your home, and any other location you choose. Whether it’s a physical health condition, mental health condition, the Coronavirus pandemic or other challenges that makes it difficult for you to attend traditional therapy appointments in an office setting, you can still have therapeutic support. We also work hard to provide support when you need it.